Equipment Manager

Paolo Matera began his career with M.A.P. in 1995, at a very young age. Starting out as a laborer, Paolo learned the ins and outs of underground utility installation and worked his way up from there. During his tenure with M.A.P. Group of Companies Paolo has taken on the roles of delivery driver, machine operator, dispatch, trucking coordinator and safety coordinator.

In 2004, Paolo took on a managerial role as Purchasing and Equipment Manager for M.A.P. Water & Sewer. In 2006, Paolo expanded his role, taking on the position of Equipment Manager for both M.A.P. Water & Sewer and M.A.P. Earthworks. He is currently the Equipment Manager for the entirety of the M.A.P. Group of Companies.

With a firm belief that production is the key to any business that does underground utilities and earthwork, Paolo is committed to purchasing and maintaining M.A.P.’s vast fleet of vehicles and equipment and ensuring that fleet is not just reliable, but ready to work at a moment’s notice.